5 Ways to Educate Children to Be Independent and Not Spoiled

Every parent certainly does not want their children to become spoiled, not independent and ultimately dependent on others. But sometimes, your mother’s habit of parenting your child can actually spoil her without realizing it.

Don’t always help

This may be difficult. But mothers have to identify early on which children’s activities need help, and which ones can be released on their own. Just let the child eat alone (even though it’s messy and dirty the floor) and just monitor it from afar. Of course, the case is different if the child is in need of adult help such as cutting paper for crafts, and the like. Mother is obliged to help. Read Also: 10 Tips Control Your Emotion, Kitchen Cabinets

Enforce the rules

Children need to learn about rules (and obey them) from childhood. Whatever the rules are, what is more important is enforcement. If today Mother forbids your little one to drink cold water because he is coughing, then it must be consistent. Not because tomorrow he will whine, then allowed. The message that the child will catch later is “Rules can change.” Meanwhile, if the mother is consistent, the child will learn to respect the rules, cooperate, and have self-control.

Give pocket money regularly

New York Times personal finance columnist Ron Lieber has advice for parents looking to raise smart, financially savvy children. One suggestion, is to give regular pocket money to buy some toys or, Juice, Hand Sanitizer.
The frequency is up to you. Can be every week or every month, and there can be an increase when the child’s birthday. But do not use pocket money as “wages” because they have done something or chores. The function of the allowance is as “training money” so that your child can learn to manage their own money.

Keep children’s money in a visible place

As a place to save money, Ron Lieber suggests using a clear jar instead of a chicken or tin piggy bank. The reason is so that children can see their own money, and also observe the increase in money from day to day so that they are more motivated to save.

Let them buy something

Ron Lieber also advised parents not to always tell their children to save money. Every now and then, let them buy something with the money – and during that time you can teach your children the difference between buying something because it “needs” and because it “wants to”.
Good luck!