It’s vital to keep any workplace as clean as possible, and doing this goes beyond simply cleaning surfaces and organising clutter.

A clean working environment helps reduce the risk of infection, keeps employees focused on their work, and reduces the chances of accidents happening due to tripping over clutter or dropping something on the floor.

It also leads to a happier workforce: studies have shown that people who work in a clean environment are more productive, less stressed out and more creative than those who don’t.

Healthy and happy employees are more productive

When considering a clean work environment, it’s important to look beyond the basics. While things like daily toilet cleaning and surface sanitation are undoubtedly important, think also about the overall experience for the people who ultimately judge the quality of the environment: your staff and customers. Keep them happy and healthy, and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

It’s important to note that high employee productivity is only sustainable if your team members are happy and healthy overall. So it stands to reason that a clean work environment can have a significant impact on how well your team performs and how they feel about coming to work each day.

A healthy office environment will also help you attract the right people and keep them longer. It also boosts morale, which ultimately results in better customer service and more satisfied stakeholders.

Studies have shown that clutter can negatively affect productivity by interrupting concentration and slowing down the decision-making process. If your office is cluttered or messy, it can lead to delays in getting things done because people have trouble finding what they need when they need it, or because they’re distracted by all the clutter around them. A clean environment allows people to focus on getting their jobs done with fewer distractions from the environment around them—which means better results overall.

Reduced risk of occupational hazards

A dirty or cluttered space can contribute to discomfort and other health issues for your staff and customers, so keeping things regularly cleaned and sanitised is critical.

Pests and vermin are a common problem for many businesses, and a dirty environment can increase the risk of spreading illness. A clean and tidy workspace will also reduce the risk of workplace accidents and occupational injuries, which can be costly and have long-lasting impacts for both employees and employers.

Additionally, you may find yourself facing legal action if the condition of your premises causes problems for customers or suppliers, whether during their time on site or through distribution of contaminated products.

Improved company image

The first thing customers and new employees notice when they walk into a business is how well it’s kept. If you want to project professionalism and competence, then keeping things clean should be a top priority.

Clean premises will also make your customers more likely to visit again. A dirty, untidy environment can make people feel uncomfortable and hesitant about spending time in your business. It may also reflect poorly on your brand, especially if you’re trying to attract new customers or clients.

If your premises are in poor condition, you could lose customers. For example, a dirty bathroom is likely to get comments on social media and reviews online. This can seem unprofessional in the eyes of potential customers and harm your company’s reputation, especially with the impact word-of-mouth can have in the digital age.

Did you know?

Air quality can be a major concern in commercial buildings. Dust, dirt and grime can clog up air vents, which reduces the effectiveness of your air conditioning system. It also increases energy costs as you have to work harder to cool down your office.

Your office should have fresh air that is clean and free of any harmful toxins. The best way to achieve this is by using air purifiers and plants that help to filter the air as it circulates. If you’re having trouble keeping your building’s HVAC equipment clean, hiring a cleaning company can help with this issue.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate executive, don’t overlook the benefits that good air quality can have on your employees’ health and wellbeing.

How does your work environment measure up?

A clean workplace is ultimately a reflection of the business, and is an indicator of how much care they put into their employees, customers, and visitors. So how does your business measure up?

Be honest: on a scale of 1 to 10, how would your employees rate the current cleanliness of their Perth metro workplace?

If the number you landed on is less than ideal, schedule a commercial office cleaning service.

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