You and the kids may not know this, but a predator could be looking for a potential victim online. The dark side of the internet is ugly, and as a parent, you need to protect your kids from all the negativity of the digital and real world.

Imagine a kid getting bullied or getting online threats but has no idea how to tackle the situation. Such scenarios are challenging for adults; it’s even harder for teens and kids.

The world needs protection from the dark side of the internet, so you must be prepared to protect your kids. Better safe than sorry!

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Why Protect Your Kids from The Dark Side of The Internet?

It works in your favor when you make the most of the internet and social media. But there is also a dark side to it!

According to, only 4% of online content is public, while 90% is on the deep web and 6% is on the dark web. Therefore, it’s vital that you protect your kids from the dark side of the internet, as they may access harmful or unsafe information without your knowledge.

It is essential to have a safe space at home and an environment where children can share whatever is bothering them. In addition, an open conversation between parents and children can help in understanding the intentions of the kid accessing any platform that could be dangerous.

For example:

A teen may be contacting someone for drugs or visiting a website unsafe for kids. Of course, the kid would not want to share any information with the parents, but they don’t understand how dangerous the situation could be!

Educating your kids about the dangers of the dark side can come in handy.

For example:

If the kid knows that it’s unsafe to share personal information, like the bank details of the parents or their date of birth, it would be easy to approach parents when a stranger asks for such information online. But, on the other hand, if the kid doesn’t know it’s unsafe, they may share the contact details thinking of the stranger as their online friend.

Online Threats And Parental Controls

Unfortunately, a stranger could lure a child, and the kid may share inappropriate images. A kid can receive online threats and may become a victim of cyberbullying. All this can happen behind parents’ backs.

While the kid is playing an online game, a parent may not know the features of online gaming platforms and apps. In addition, the kids may exchange information via online chats and could be exposed to information that’s not age appropriate.

Under such circumstances, it’s best to consider parental controls.

Parental controls can benefit in the following ways:

  • It helps in keeping an eye on what’s going on!

  • It keeps the kid safe.

  • A parent would know who the kids talk to and whether a stranger is trying to lure a kid.

  • It would be easy to spot an unwanted situation.

Parents can switch off the chat section in some apps, but when kids are smart, they can easily switch it on. In addition, parents can set up pin codes so kids don’t access unwanted content.

However, the online world is full of information, and if kids know searching, they can search for ways to crack the code or may learn the way around accessing information that parents otherwise restrict. That’s why it’s essential to establish trust in the first place, but parental controls are there for a reason. So, parents must also learn the use of technology and how to make the most of such features.

Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from The Dark Side of The Internet

Parenting in the digital age can take a toll on you, but remain calm and do your best.

Consider the following;

  • Establish trust from an early age. Tell your kids repeatedly that you love them and will be there for them!

  • You must know the friends of your kids. Don’t let your kids hang with anyone who is weird or seems shady.

  • Ask questions to your kids. Even if they don’t share enough information, ask in different ways to understand what’s happening in their life.

  • Think of things from a kid’s perspective. Also, think of when you were their age and how everything was for you. Try to understand your teen’s perspective before making a decision.

Wrapping It Up

While the digital world and the real one could be dangerous, you can still provide a safe space for your children. Educate yourself and your kids on making the most of the internet positively and learn the do’s and don’ts of the online world.

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