Conventional education is the traditional face-to-face dispensation of education while online learning on the other hand is education dispensed electronically via the internet through a computerized device.

For centuries, the mode of learning was going to school to be taught by a teacher and learn together with other students. This changed with the invention of the internet, study material and test results were available on the internet.

Over time, almost everything has technology running behind it. Now, the CoronaVirus pandemic has completely shifted the way we receive education to online learning.

Question is, is online learning better than conventional? This article seeks to explore the benefits and negatives of each and draw a clear conclusion. Let’s have a look!

Advantages of virtual over conventional learning

1. Less Costly

Education has always been expensive. Some have had to quit their studies halfway because they cannot afford to sustain school life and other related financial demands.

However, online education has cut the cost of learning. All you need to pay is the course fee, some administration fee, and certification.

You only need to buy a computer and other accessories to complement your learning. For better deals, I suggest you first have a look at US shop’s reviews.

E-learning does not mean that it is very cheap, that will depend on the type of course and the duration.

You also get to save a lot on other expenses like; accommodation fee, commuting fee, and food cost.

Online learning is therefore a big bargain.

2. Variety of courses

With e-learning, there are a lot of courses to choose from.

Compared to traditional learning where it would be difficult to find an institution of your choice that offers the course you want.

Now, you can study just about anything you want online. However, this poses a lot of questions on the reliability of the institution.

Very many programs and institutions are unreliable. That is why you need to read reviews before making any rush choice for a cause.

If, for instance, you want to study marketing, you should read online trade schools’ online reviews. Find the most reputable school and enroll in that.

Positive reviews send some level of assurance that you shall be getting a good education even before you enroll.

3. Flexibility and Accessibility

Virtual Learning is more flexible and accessible than conventional learning.

It had broadened its boundaries for international students to enroll in big schools and take the course remotely from home.

4. Safe environment/ bullying-free

Another great advantage of learning online is that it is safer.

Safe in terms of helping to prevent the spread of Coronavirus which had been a big issue for more than a year now.

Compared to traditional education, our children are safe from school bullying.

The drawback of online classes.

The major disadvantage of studying online is the practicability of these courses.

Some courses demand more face-to-face interaction with the teacher. The good thing is that some institutions embrace blended e-learning to better the quality of their online education.

 Advantages of conventional over Virtual learning

1) Student interaction

Student interaction is part of learning and life development. We all have met some of our friends that we share deep connections with, from school.

Online learning is less likely to promote student interaction. Virtual students can only meet through discussion rooms and class groups.

2) More co-curricular based

We all have to agree that some students are not academically inclined.

Virtual studies promote academics but the co-curricular part has been neglected.

Conventional education provides a co-curricular system than online learning.

3) More practical learning

Studying goes beyond lecture and lecture notes. You need to get more practical learning.

Students need to go on field works, conduct practical tests. Online learning does not promote this.

It took many years to develop education and over the years practical learning has been polished.

Adopting a new system limits practicability in learning.

The drawback of conventional learning

Much has been said about conventional learning, however, the greatest drawback is that it is not possible due to the current global situation.


Each type of education has its positives and negatives.

Choosing one between the two, I would go with online learning. Why? It is safe and reliable.

Despite the pointed cons, I believe that it is a new system and it will take time to find what works best.

For now, we should appreciate that we are modernizing our education. All problems that will arise will be figured out.

Our children’s safety and health should be the priority.

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