Are there conditions that must be met by a client for a lawyer in solving a case and can a client sue his lawyer if the lawyer in question violates the agreement they have agreed to and vice versa and is there a connection between the case and the service agreement

Trust is an essential part of the client-attorney relationship. Clients entrust their legal problems to lawyers, so that lawyers can represent them in taking care of all legal interests in order to fulfill a sense of justice for them (clients).

This client trust relationship is manifested in several things that must be fulfilled by clients against their lawyers in solving a case. First, granting a power of attorney, where this power of attorney is the basis for lawyers to act on behalf of their clients’ legal interests in dealing with third parties. This power of attorney sets out the limitations that a lawyer can exercise. Second, the client is obliged to provide all correct information relating to legal issues faced to his lawyer so that the lawyer can take care of the matter optimally in accordance with the ability and expertise of the lawyer, for more information you can visit: bankruptcy attorney tulsa.

The third is the obligation for clients to pay honoraria to lawyers who have carried out their duties. However, in certain cases, sometimes a lawyer does not charge any fees to his client if the client comes from an underprivileged group of people and requires legal assistance. The awareness to help the underprivileged is what makes the profession of lawyer a noble profession in the eyes of society (officium nobles).

The relationship between the client and his lawyer is usually stated in the form of a contract. This contract defines the rights and obligations of both parties as well as the scope of work that the lawyer must perform. In the contract, it can also be arranged regarding the settlement of disputes that may arise at a later date between the client and his lawyer, regarding service fees and losses that may be borne by the client.

The client can sue his lawyer if in the future the lawyer does not carry out or is negligent in carrying out his duties as specified in the contract, which ultimately results in losses for the client. Vice versa

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