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Essential Steps to Succeed Your Kids Primary Education

Primary school is a critical phase in your child’s learning development. Make sure you, as a parent, is always available to provide guidance and support for your child’s academic improvement. Here are tips for you as a parent to improve your child in elementary school academics:

Get to know the School Environment

As a caring parent, try to take your time to check out your child’s school building. It is important to have an understanding of the child’s surroundings.

Many schools have prepared special websites that contain school information, including information on room and building layouts. Make sure you always update school info related to both academic and non-academic. St Andrews Sathorn school is one of the best school in Thailand, which is based on advanced technology, making it easier for parents to access information related to children through its official website.

Attending school events is also essential to get to know school teachers well. Communication between parents and teachers becomes vital so that you can monitor children’s development at school through the teacher.

Create a Supporting Learning Atmosphere

Sometimes, the teacher will give homework to children. It functions to reviews the lessons learned at school. The task also teaches children to be responsible and foster a work ethic. You, as a parent, must help him. Provide a comfortable study room, create a calm atmosphere, and don’t forget to set discipline hours at home.

Make sure your child goes to school in full-of-spirit conditions

School is a process of transferring knowledge. It takes a healthy physical and focused mind. Make sure your child has breakfast before going to school. It will give your child nutrition for the strength of a day and help improve concentration. Provide a breakfast containing nuts, fiber, protein, and try to be low in sugar. If your child doesn’t have time for breakfast, make sure you cook him lunch.

Provide Time Management Capabilities

Teach your child slowly about time management. You can start by teaching him how to organize himself. Make sure children understand the cleanliness of their desks, do things according to schedule, and learn to make simple to-do lists. No one is born with perfect time management; all arise from the learning process and habituation early on.