Many people are familiar with students’ loans, educational funding from the government or private institutions that finance students throughout their study on the condition that the student will pay the total amount that was given to him or her, in instalments once the student gets a job.

 However, instead of a student applying for a student loan, the parent can apply for a loan on behalf of their ward. The parent will be responsible for the repayment of the loan after the child completes his or her education.

Before you check Collected.Reviews in search for reliable credit companies, three stages will guide you to choose educational loans as a parent.


Do not be hasty to apply for a loan. There are other options that you can choose from before finalizing on taking a loan. You can apply for a student’s scholarship. There are different scholarships …

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Why Is Saving Money Important?

The significance of saving money cannot be hidden. In reality, saving money is one of the better financial practices you can follow as a student, with so many proven benefits. But, if you don’t find it convenient to save money or don’t see the point, it’s normal to ask yourself why it’s essential to save money?

Saving money is important because it helps support you effectively know how to manage your money in a financial emergency. Also, saving cash will help you pay for significant expenses, escape bankruptcy, reduce the financial burden, leave an economic footprint, and give you a stronger sense of financial independence.

Here are ten reasons why, when studying, you can save:

·         Unforeseen Expenses

What will you do if your laptop or pad needs some big repairs? Do you have 500 to 3,000 dollars on hand? What if your apartment needs necessary …

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Essential Steps to Succeed Your Kids Primary Education

Primary school is a critical phase in your child’s learning development. Make sure you, as a parent, is always available to provide guidance and support for your child’s academic improvement. Here are tips for you as a parent to improve your child in elementary school academics:

Get to know the School Environment

As a caring parent, try to take your time to check out your child’s school building. It is important to have an understanding of the child’s surroundings.

Many schools have prepared special websites that contain school information, including information on room and building layouts. Make sure you always update school info related to both academic and non-academic. St Andrews Sathorn school is one of the best school in Thailand, which is based on advanced technology, making it easier for parents to access information related to children through its official website.

Attending school events is also essential to …

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