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What are the Long Term Benefits of Reading Books?

Reading comes with thrills. Some are short-term, others are long-term. More than benefits, reading serves as the process of learning, unlearning, and relearning. Checking on educations books stores, there is a book for every human nuance. Are you bored? Read a book. Are you happy? Read a book. Do you feel alien, modern, or ancient? Read a book.

The first time you read a book is to sate curiosity. The second is to be familiar with the fundamentals. The third time you read a book is to seek pleasure. But not all book readers usually get past the second time. What could be wrong? Nevertheless, each stage of book reading offers you great benefits than not reading at all. Some of these benefits are medical, while others are intellectual.

Reading speed is measured word-per-minute. It determines how slow or fast-paced you can read. Slow or fast, there are no excuses not to read. The number of time an average American spends on social media can be worked into 200 books a year if a reader reads 200-400 words per minute. Yet the benefits of reading are greater than the benefits attached to social media.

For a start, check out some great books from Faithgateway and be familiar with these long term benefits of reading books.

1.  Improves your intellectual capacity

Bits of knowledge add up when you read. Your knowledge repository widens the more you keep reading.

2.  Prevents you from dementia

Reading as an exercise of the brain keeps you away from dementia and other memory loss and impairments.

3.  Therapeutic

Reading is the greatest therapy for any mood swing and disorder. Depression, which is marked by loneliness, can be tackled with reading.

4.  Improves your observations

A better reader is a better observer of people and nature. A great reader pays close attention to the smallest details.

5.  Improves your writing and listening skills

The first attempt to create is to read. Also, the first attempt to becoming humane is to read. Reading makes you a better writer and a patient listener.

6.  Fills you with pleasure and happiness

A survey found out that readers are on average more satisfied with life, happier, and more likely to feel the things they do in life are worthwhile.

7.  Boosts your esteem and confidence

People who read are more likely to be smarter, more confident, and more self-accepting. They tend to be experimental.

8.  Makes you lead

Reading is the major force behind the grit of renowned leaders and technocrats. Leaders do not just happen; they are made as a result of books.

9.  Provides you with clarity and direction

Readers make better decisions. They are clearer about life’s processes and know exactly what steps to take when met at crossroads.

10. Ensures you exist

The more you read, the surer you are of your existence, and the better you live either in someone else’s imagination or your imagination.

No one has ever regretted by reading. In a time as unclear as this one, reading is the truth. Reading takes you into the past, helps you realize the present and gets you prepared for the future.