Education Definition


First of all, good grades do not necessarily mean you had a good education. An educated individual must know how to acquire knowledge and skills. An educated person is a person who can think independently not letting their emotions come in the way of their judgment and without the influence of others.

When you want to get educated, there are several factors that could be challenges you need to surmount in the process. You might not have a sponsor and could decide to opt for a study loan. However, you will want your loan to be as light as possible, implying that you might decide to work so that you can take as little a loan as possible or decide completely against taking a loan. Hence, you might want to go for online education so that you can have enough time to work. For online education, you will need computer and other gadgets to effectively participate in the online school and meet the minimum requirements. You can easily read brands reviews about computer gadgets on to know the right brands of computers and computer accessories to buy as well as where to buy them.

An educated individual must possess the following characteristics:

  1. An educated individual can think independently and clearly
  2. An educated person must know how to acquire useful skills by utilizing and identifying available resources.
  3. An educated person must be able to take initiative
  4. An educated person must be able to communicate thoughts and ideas in writing and concisely
  5. An educated person must be a critical thinker
  6. An educated person doesn’t follow other ideas blindly, he/she must be able to contribute positively
  7. An educated must be able to work in cooperation with others and learn collaboratively
  8. An educated person must be able to distinguish important from the trivial and the enduring from the ephemeral
  9. An educated person understands human nature and has the power to establish, maintain and improve lasting relationships
  10. An educated person must be able to address or resolve conflicts with others
  11. An educated person must be able to persuade others
  12. An educated person can endure and persevere
  13. An educated person has integrity and ethical values
  14. An educated person has equal esteem for everybody, without regard to race, gender, religion, ethnicity, colour and so on
  15. An educated person is capable of identifying harmful behaviours and trait
  16. An educated person must be able to admit when they are wrong
  17. An educated person can adapt to every situation and knows how to deal with change
  18. An educated person can handle ambiguity
  19. An educated person must be able to explore alternate viewpoints
  20. An educated person has the ability and the discipline to constantly improve
  21. An educated should never be tired of learning new things
  22. An educated person must be able to make decisions
  23. An educated person must not be self-centred
  24. An educated person knows how to establish rapport with others and they know how to get others to respect and trust them
  25. An educated person must be able to question assumptions
  26. An educated person has a good sense of judgment
  27. An educated must be confidence
  28. An educated person can discern true from right
  29. An educated person has the ability and discipline to constantly improve
  30. An educated person is someone who has been educated holistically: Culturally, Creatively, Intellectually, Morally, Physically, and Technologically.