Anxiety and panic disorders often cause unease and fear. It is often hard to manage panic disorder symptoms and even more challenging to deal with panic attacks when asked to speak in public, especially for the first-time. Today, thanks to the internet, there are many educational sites offering courses, some of these courses focus on boosting your confidence while speaking in public. Reviews about online courses will help you select a course that will help boost your public speaking confidence. This article covers some tips that will help boost a person’s confidence while speaking in public.


Even experienced speakers who have refined their skills practice their speeches before the actual date. Rehearse you speech recording yourself with a device such as a video camera. You can then watch the clips and look out for areas that you can do better. If there is a person near you, such as a family member or friend, you can practice before them and request their feedback.  As you practice ensure that you keep the following in mind;

Focus on your message:

By concentrating on the message you are to deliver, you can maintain your anxiety at manageable levels. Focus on your presentation or speech’s key message and ensure that your goal is to make the audience understands the message.

Ensure you talk of what you know:

When invited to speak to a group of people, ensure you select a familiar topic. This will help you feel less anxious as you will not be struggling to deliver your points.

Grab the audience’s attention:

Research has shown that the initial 20 minutes are vital when it comes to public speaking. If you can have your audience’s attention in the initial 20 minutes, you will have them attentive for the rest of the session. An attentive audience helps boost the confidence of the speaker. Commencing your speech with a story or a fact linking to your topic is one way that can help grab the attention of your audience early.

Have an understanding of your audience:

Having a good understanding of your audience is essential as it helps one plan what to present or talk about. Know the level of knowledge of your audience, are they university students? Are they corporate heads? Such questions will help assess your audience. You will then tailor your presentation accordingly. Ensure that you refine the presentation and set the appropriate tone. Head of corporates, for example, might need a formal tone.

Prepare before

If you often experience a social anxiety disorder while asked to speak in public, preparation will help. By feeling prepared and confident while giving your speech, this reduces anxiety. Below is how you should prepare

Watch other speakers:

Take your time and watch videos of other speakers who have perfected the art. Try mastering their skills, and this will help build confidence.

Visit the room you’ll make your speech before:

If it’s possible to visit the room that you’ll be speaking from before, take advantage of this, visit the room and familiarize yourself with it.

Try to build some experience:

You can try volunteer in meeting such as class meetings or you local areas meetings to give small talks this will help build your confidence by the time you’ll be delivering your speech or presenting

Ensure you organize your talk:

Each speech should be ordered such that it has an introduction, body and conclusion, structure your talk into these sections and make each section interesting.

How to manage your anxiety

You can make public speaking easier by taking appropriate steps to cope with anxiety. Below are some of the steps you should take

Envisage confidence:

Have a picture of your self, delivering the speech confidently. Imagine being anxiety-free and interacting with your audience freely. Visualization has been proven to be a great tool that can help change our fillings. This strategy has en proven to be successful among athletes. It helps improve their level of performance.

Talk with someone regarding your anxiety:

If you are to make your speech during your school’s prize-giving day, you can meet your teacher or if in college, your professor and speak of your fears speaking in public. Sharing, with a senior person or a mentor, will help you overcome the stage fright more easily. They will also offer some tips that you will find beneficial.

In conclusion, while speaking in public may be seen as just a simple thing, the truth is that it can be a challenging task that can cause panic. With this article, however, you have the needed tips to help build confidence. Ensure that when preparing to speak in public, you are in good health. If you feel unwell visit your doctor or use online reviews such as chemist 4 u review to find reputable chemists, where you can find the appropriate medication.

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