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You can return the items to us free of cost. Each outgoing order comes with a return slip that ought to be stuffed out as part of a return. If you can not discover your return slip, please contact our Customer Service ( along with your order number and contact data. We will instantly ship you a brand new return slip by e-mail and you’ll return the bundle to us. We are a sustainable brand, breaking taboos and saying goodbye to clichés with our products. Since 2017 we’ve been creatingclothes,accessoriesand more to encourage and make life a lot more fun.

The clean but posable figma joints allow you to pose dynamic action scenes from the series. A versatile plastic is used in particular areas, permitting proportions to be kept without compromising posability. Drawer joints are utilized in his shoulders, permitting for a wider range of posability. Graef stands for user-friendly …