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Technology And Instruments That Empower Media Creators

The advantages of copper instruments over stone, bone and picket tools were quickly obvious to early people, and native copper was most likely used from near the start of Neolithic times . Eventually, the working of metals led to the discovery of alloys such as bronze and brass . The first use of iron alloys similar to metal dates to around 1,800 BCE. The discovery of fireside was described by Charles Darwin as “possibly the greatest ever made by man”.

After conducting the first Annual Conference of Science and Technology efficiently in 2018, Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang proudly invites you on the 2nd Annual Conference of Science and Technology that might be held on November 28, 2020. This worldwide conference offers an intellectual proposition and academic dialogue on the role of science and technology software on constructing neighborhood resilience during New Normal. Therefore, this convention welcomes academics, lecturers and college college …