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6 Companies Where You Can Get Students Car Rental Deals

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You can find different details of accessible car rental companies in the UK and abroad on If you want to enjoy a trip within or outside the UK, the car rental companies will come through for you. There are different discount offers and promotions which are made available to you, although you’re a student.

You can read reviews about car rental companies to know more about the opportunities that exist. There is some discrimination against people who are not yet 25. However, if you can prove your identity as a student, you can enjoy the rent and drive a rental car opportunity. Below are some of the companies that offer students car rental deals:

1.  Alamo:

This Company has international influence in different countries of the world. They claim to be a major international car rental company. They are popular for their quick pickup and drop off services which have suited customers well since the start of their activities. If you’re a student, you can enjoy their services. Once you meet the requirements, you can enjoy their services like any other adult.

2.  Enterprise:

This is one of the best car rental companies in Europe. With their policies and rules, you can enjoy different benefits. This company offers discount quotes for their rental services. As a student, some terms and conditions must be met before you get a car. If you meet their conditions and present your evidence as a student, you could be given a car for hire.

3.  Firefly:

This 2009 company, established in different countries, also offers student car rental services. Based on your budget, you can ride any car of your choice. With their reputation for competitive quotes, you won’t blow your budget for that holiday trip with your date or your friends. As a company established in various cities with different cars, you can check them online to book a car for your next trip.

4.  Hertz:

This is another company which is most known in the UK, especially North Ireland. They have a different suite of new cars. They believe that they have the exact kind of car which you want. With their budget-friendly quotes, you can get the best offer and also enjoy a fast response rate when you reach out to them. The company also offers discounts and promotions which can be of benefits to you as a student. All you need is to meet their terms and conditions which can be found on their website.

5.  Sixt:

This is a car rental company that has offered thousands of clients heavenly services. Different opinions revealed that the company is one of the best, and their consideration for students is also encouraging. Although they’ll need the presence of a guardian or parent, even via a phone call, they’ll need you to verify your identity. When they are certain that it’s safe, they can hand their vehicle to you.

6.  Budget Rent:

As the name implies, this company offers efficient service with competitive quotes. Their prices are relatively convenient. They are active online and offline, and they have the highest pickup rate.

You can also try car companies like Green-Motion, Avis, Van Rental, and much more for their student rental deals.