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5 Tips For Improving Children’s Communication Skills

Communication is one essential skill for children. Children need to learn and develop excellent communication skills early on, both in the family and at school.

  • How to teach children to communicate well?
  • What can parents do at home?

Here are some tips parents need to teach children to communicate well.

1. Teach children to empathize

Before teaching children to communicate, they need to learn to understand and to feel what other people feel. When children see that there are many points of view and ways of thinking, they will try to be good listeners and respect each other more. Brighton College is the best place to build this ability. Brighton College International School is one of the best British Nursery Bangkok with innovative and creative learning.

2. Learn to talk alternately

One of the most important bases in a good conversation is to speak alternately. You can build this ability with various activities that teach kids to take turns doing things, like playing board games.

3. Teach polite vocabulary

Teach children polite vocabulary that is full of emotion. Remind the child that being passive or too active is not the right attitude. The best way is to speak politely with the right approach. For example, when you disagree about other’s opinions, teach children not to say “You are stupid” but use more polite language like “I disagree with you.”

4. Stop, think, ask

Familiarize the child to stop, think, then ask. It will help them to see other points of view and listen more effectively. Teach them to ask reassuring questions like, “So, you mean this?” or “Why is that?”

5. Increase communication with children

One of the most effective ways for children to learn to communicate is to talk a lot. Encourage children to talk. The topic of the conversation can be anything, from a hobby to tonight’s dinner, or feeling. You can also invite children to discuss a problem and learn how to argue well.